Blood Magic Candle

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  • Top: Atlas Cedar, Nostalgia, Mayhem
  • Middle: Bergamot, Warm Bodies
  • Bottom: Baltic Amber, Fun, Library Books

Make them love you to death. Smooth and enticing, Blood Magic is a limited edition piece with a lasting impact. Infused with blood-red wax and our signature scent, it's the perfect blend of lust and violence. Light this for the one you love, or if you feel like the weasels are closing in on you.

Are you in touch with your darkest fantasies? This candle will bring all of your most fun delusions to life. 

340g of Limerince

Burn time: 100 hours


  • Whoever said
  • Blood red
  • Wasn't the best color
  • Should be watched closely
  • From a distance
  • 100% Non-vegan lambskin removable sleeve