Black Magic Candle

$90.00 USD


  • Top: Atlas Cedar, Nostalgia, Mayhem
  • Middle: Bergamot, Warm Bodies
  • Bottom: Baltic Amber, Fun, Library Books

The spicy and rich fumes of a hat-maker's loft, replete with seasoned woods, weathered papers and the gentle musk of mercury vapors below. Infused with the blackest of wax, our award-winning candle's warm glow and our soothing signature aroma will keep you cold and pessimistic. The lively spice is sure to inspire creativity to propel a dreary year ahead. Hypnotizing and romantic, our Black Magic candle is the perfect accompaniment to any space in need of gloom.

340g of Pure Fun

Burn time: 100 hours


  • 80% Love
  • 20% Hate
  • 100% The Best Smelling
  • Hotel Candle
  • 100% Non-vegan lambskin removable sleeve